a prisoner’s gift

my perspective’s changed
don’t complain much anymore
what’s there to say-
the weather stinks, i have a cold,
my cell phone’s dead?
such absurdity!!

the trees’ immense reflection in the river
robins chirping
the soft fur of my golden
laughter and eating out
libraries and yoga class
family and friends and comfy beds

the stuff that makes a life

Matthew 25:36 
I was sick and you took care of me, I was in prison and you visited me. Then the righteous will answer him, Lord, when was it that we saw you hungry and gave you food, or thirsty and gave you something to drink? 

i share tools, a simple task
you share all…

Thankfully Luke 6 tells us:
For with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you


Moonbeam repair

broke my own barely-beating heart
went un- noticed
let alone fatal

pain endured then absorbed, changing its shape
until it appeared- a floating disconnect

once full and impervious
two halves forming the whole
self-righteous and solid
closed to the light

suddenly cracked and imperfect, at the ready
for the outpouring of emotion
tumbling through tumult

at the ready for the laser-bright white beam
through half-slit eyes
travels through eternity
to pierce my chest
and fills the cracks like mortar
a healing, translucent balm
and now by osmosis
gives and receives
the blood-red agape love
worthy of the creator
of the moon and stars
and earth and sky

enormous mustard seed

lost and hopeless
in appearance only
impressions are deceiftful
fake countenance!!

your portion
your portion, like an inheritance
overflowing and plentiful
your ways, a mystery

to love
a  simple requirement
but not in my own strength
always yours
Jehovah Jireh–
the Lord who provides
i surrender- again and again
devoting myself to your promises
and your ways, a mystery

you desire each heart
not one is forgotten
i am humbled
by the enormity
the universal complexity
of bonding together
beyond space and time
with great momentum
yet simplicity… for even
me, your servant
your ways, a mystery

Snowflake Christening

new day beckons
replete with  infinite rebirth
revealed in
alabaster, snow-capped branches
in a bright, sunlit sky

closing eyes
on a quest
to a raw beauty
that mars.
and human scars
recalling torment
and unveiled suffering…
on timber ascending skyward
a different snow-less day

close them to evict
the outside world
gaze inward!

an abandoned cradle
desolate and lifeless
a missing Christ Child
not yet resurrected

and yet,
fall afresh
kissing my face
in a christening
of sorts
immersed and washed clean

a smile emerging
as natural
and miraculous
as baby’s arrival
into the naked NOW

anorexic ego

starve it
weakened, it will whither
cadaverous and gaunt
it hangs around desperate for a scrap
deprived and depressed
demolished into near nothingness

or not

nourished by compassion
fed a tidbit (or a bowl-full) of empathy
space to breathe, a loosening of the belt
ego’s ways soften and gracefully recompose
lithesome from sustenance
in search of the last supper
to be in communion with all that is
abundantly light

carve me- the ugly beauty

and i asked Him – cut out the ugly
use a surgeon’s precision
remove the selfish, small, petty of me
do not be concerned, it must be done
be swift!!

and He replied, I refuse;
you cannot withstand such harshness
it would bring certain death
I must be gentle and with a delicacy
reserved for my dear ones, I will chip away
the marble
revealing the beauty within

What does it mean that Jesus died for my sins?

I’ve been pondering the message of the cross lately.  I love some of the motivations Fr. Richard Rohr expresses regarding Jesus death representing the killing of the divisions between peoples of the day.  Galatians 3:28 says ‘There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.’  Rohr says He came to destroy the “my group versus your group thinking”.  He came to create one new humanity (Ephesians). Doesn’t that sound fabulous?  and impossible?

I have started to feel that the concept of Jesus dying for my sins means for me that I do not have to work so hard at eliminating my selfish ego all the while expanding my consciousness; that Him being fully human and fully God blurs the line for us too.  There is such freedom in this grace that’s been given.  I can wake up and know that God has control and I can surrender the effort, finding ease.  Once again, I can create space between the one thinking the “less than” thoughts and the ONE watching, not judging.  One of the best ways for me to tune in to my inner divinity is through my yoga and meditation practice- aligning my personality with my soul’s purpose.

Jesus may have died so that we don’t have to kill off our egos, hating every part of us that isn’t creative, inspiring, loving, forgiving, and perfect. Maybe the entire world isn’t ready to embrace this new humanity as one, loving, whole, equal species but I am ready to embrace my being that way. We  have God’s spirit within each and every one of us and an ego.  Can we make peace between the two, allowing them the space to  co-exist because  Jesus’ life tells us that our humanity is not the opposite of our divinity, it  is the manifestation of it!!