I know GOD


He’s in the guy crossing the 10k finish line
I see Him as the complex emotions cross his face

He’s in the guy singing for change in the subway
I experience Him when we join our voices

He’s in the yoga class
I feel Him in my breath, bones and muscles as strength and beauty and release

He’s in my golden retriever Sierra
I nuzzle Him in the softness of her coat

He’s in my home
I cherish Him as I gaze upon my sleeping husband and children

the return

the heavens are applauding
you can see it, more than hear it
the shaking and swaying of the boughs
can you feel God commanding them to  wave
in their freedom
you have departed, gone your own way
known what it feels like to be separate 
and the pain of losing your center
but ahhhh!!!
what a celebration ensues 
upon your realization
that you are one of the sun’s rays
sheepish, yes
until He calls you- “child, welcome home”