Body sick, Mind strong

Day 2 bronchitis ravaged lungs.

My husband, away on a golf trip in sunny Florida, texts to see if I am feeling any better. Interestingly, I find myself respond “body sick, mind strong”.  And re-reading those words makes me weep a little.  Why? Because for so long, too long, my reality was body sick, mind sick.

But we don’t know what a healthy mind would feel or sound like do we? It is our mind alone, and we have nothing to compare it to. Not everyone with a visibly strong body has a strong mind. Not everyone with a strong mind has a physical body to mirror it either.

But the goal is for the body mind to work as ONE; to be unified. What was important for me to realize while sick is that I was filled with compassion and care for my whole self- my lungs, my achiness, my throat, my sinuses. At no point did I delve into despair while nursing this compassion on my hurting parts. I think that’s what we are afraid of arent’ we?  If I spend too much time on my ‘self’, I’ll feel narcissistic, self-serving, I’ll devolve into depression and get stuck there.

We don’t know how to find balance. Just the right amount of rest and nurturing. I was very aware that my mind was focused on gratitude and what was needed- hot ginger tea, peppermint vapors, spicy food, expectorant, neti pot. And sure enough in two days I was feeling 100% better. I captured quickly those pesky thoughts of ‘what if I am sick for a long while…I cannot remember health right now” and burned ’em up.

Singing in an epsom salt bath, humming in a hot shower, breathing diagphramatically and even feeling up to a few rounds of breath of fire have kept the prana moving. I hope the next time you get sick you take a look mindfully at where your thinking leads you.

I hope you too, develop that strong mind who loves uniting with a poor, sick , vulnerable body.

Author: encounterillumination

Lover of all creations-- art, music, nature, family, yoga, pets, and friends

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