fraught with peace

fraught with peace

watershed tears
no reason
and every

clarity and confusion
share gray matter space
knitted together
the fibers marry

body sways and rocks
through cerulean gloom

hope danced
and twirled
like a ballerina on tiptoe
above the rising pain
arms raised
releasing  the world’s anguish
one angry fist
one praise hand at a time

the heart speaks:

imperceptibly at first

resplendent light
lifts the dense
fog of mourn

immobility and helplessness
spiral into backbone
erect and courageous
like a monarch being beckoned
to life’s garden
boldly, colorfully demonstrating

IT as all Bliss[f]


Author: encounterillumination

Lover of all creations-- art, music, nature, family, yoga, pets, and friends

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