you in prison green garb
gazing back at me softly with misty eyes
i see love and admiration
appreciation mixed with a bit of awe
i feel warmth spread across my face and neck, down my chest into my belly
i know this is gods’ love for me
this is how he sees me
with your eyes you show me how God sees me
he wants  me to know in my bones that i am
i am enough
i am loved unconditionally and forgiven all my shortcomings

i desire to spread this incredible almost indescribable feeling to others
i want to gaze in their eyes in a way that they leave full
overflowing even
knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that you, the God of the universe
want union with each and every one of us
until there is no separation
we are One with the Divine creator
and One another


Author: encounterillumination

Lover of all creations-- art, music, nature, family, yoga, pets, and friends

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