Saving a life

instructions crafted
in what appears to be
scribble scrabble
and so often, completely
for how to save my own
the only one I’ve been
schooled in

my attempts at allowing you
to fall and fail
and weep and struggle
are feeble, yes
but still I know
and trust that you, too
have these
messages to decipher-
the hero of your own
your very own

etched and sketched
in the hidden diary of
your genius

ah, the challenge arises
in trusting
the author of
our manuscripts
our story occasionally
reading like a tragedy…

deep in my soul
I am assured
of the indelible ink
crafting a dazzling, happily ever after
affair of the heart


Author: encounterillumination

Lover of all creations-- art, music, nature, family, yoga, pets, and friends

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