everyday warrior

enter the battle alone

two inner worlds collide
is it a duel
or dual?

same story
same lies
hidden wounds  resembling
chalk-scrawl slashed on blackboards

backbone cracking
heart openers
bend and
like poprocks

don’t even realize you are at war with yourself
how absurd you are ONE entity
a veiled binary code
full of divide and conquer
or deciphering integration
as pure experience?

clarity rushes in
painting over inner landscape
in sunny yellow strokes
covering the dark gray soot
of deceit

the battle resumes
facing demons
grants secret crevices
to ooze and release their shame

fragments scatter
like decaying autumn leaves
convening for a timberland

the victor birthed it,
vast and boundless
charred and struggling
to fashion the mysterious
and singular

disembodied forested
liberation simply
a semblance of
of equals
parallel yet occasionally
labyrinthian paths

only ever one
the ONE that heals, nourishes and
marches on
and on
AND on…


Author: encounterillumination

Lover of all creations-- art, music, nature, family, yoga, pets, and friends

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